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Learning, Friendship and Fun

Learning, Friendship and Fun

Fun Learning is a holistic approach to education with the goal of nurturing the passion for learning and continuous development throughout life. Fun Academy developed the ‘Fun Learning’ approach based on Finnish pedagogical expertise in combination with the best education practices around the world. It drives motivation, flow, passion and engagement by using fun and innovative ways of learning. It’s objective is to promote the overall well-being of students and educators. However, the Fun Learning philosophy is just as relevant in the workplace as it is in any classroom.

Importance of Fun Learning

Essentially learning is the result of engagement and substance. Substance is what we learn. Whereas, engagement, the more complicated part of this equation, is how we learn.

Bottom line is no matter how important what we learn is, if we are not interested or motivated, learning or at least effective learning will not happen. Furthermore, learning should fuel curiosity, foster creativity and encourage us to become lifelong learners. The best way to achieve these intents is to make learning fun! Because when we enjoy and love what we do, it becomes a natural, spontaneous and organic activity. Therefore, Fun Learning makes the grossly misrepresented and misused process of learning a quintessential part of everyday life.

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